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Is the desire to be famous innate in humans? Or, does it come from living in a society where being famous means wealth and being liked by the masses?

Past, Prsenent, and Future

The present is the result of the past. The future does not have to be.

Food & Love

There is no love like human love for food. People never get bored with getting joy from eating.


Is it possible to create great things without paying attention to details? Aren't details that make something extraordinary?What would Mona Lisa be without details? What would iPhone be without details? As the world becomes more complex, understanding of details and their interconnectedness would be more important for creating new great things.

People are Overconfident and other Learnings from the Ideas Conference

A series of conferences on ideas is a good idea. I recently attend the second conference in the series of ideas conferences organized by The Economist magazine. The conference was an interesting opportunity to learn about human behavior and to hear words of wisdom from the best in world . Following are my random notes from the conference: The world  has moved away from the ideas that bind us to glorified materialism.   The most important thing people want around the world is a job. 3 Billion people live on less than $2 a day The biggest issue in the 21st century is going to be class and not race. The US suburbia is subsidized with tax payer money. A sense of community and open minds bring innovation and wealth. In the western world, if you make more than $75k/year even then you can not buy happiness. However, if you make less than $75k/year then you can definitely buy misery.  Americans define their life by being at work and the French define their life by being away from wor