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Even fiction that does not fit into our worldview, bothers us. 

Education and Practice

Subjects are taught in generalities. Learned in universalities. Hence, not practiced contextually. 

Reality And Illusions

When reality becomes too difficult, we create illusions to cope with it. 

50th Year of Wisdom from Buffett and Munger

On May 2nd, 2015, I was in Omaha to participate in my annual ritual of attending the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting. I like Warren Buffett and I absolutely adore Charlie Munger. Both are my heroes. They are full of wisdom and have shaped my thinking. 40,000 people standing in line to get into a shareholder meeting!  Following are highlights from the meeting: Human Behavior 1. For some reason, no-haggling business breaks down after a while. People say that they don’t like to negotiate but they like getting a deal especially on big-ticket items. 2. “If people were not often wrong, we would not be so rich.” – Munger 3. There is no formula for buying businesses. Do business with people you trust. 4. When ego is involved people tend to do things that they are not supposed to do. 5. Jack Ringwalt, former CEO of National Indemnity, used to yell at his subordinate every time he brought the news of claims to be paid. The subordinate did not like to be yelled