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Why do humans look for meaning in randomness of life? Does the fragrance of a flower have meaning? There is no meaning. It just is. 


When you dine out in the US, why are the waiters/busboys in a rush to take your plates? Is there a plate-shortage in casual restaurants?:-)

The New Goliaths

Not long ago, the big retailers were considered as the sharks eating the small independent retailers. Today, these sharks are getting eaten by the web savvy companies. Booksellers are good examples. Borders is bankrupt. Barnes and Noble is not doing so well. These are the same companies that were thought to drive independent booksellers out of business. Now they are going out of business. The Internet companies may the new Goliaths . However, the new Davids may be the ones who combine web savvy with mobility and social networks. I see business very similar to biology. The species (companies) that survive are the ones who are the most adaptable to the change in the environment [ Darwin ]. 

Dogs and People

I wonder how the world would be like if people showed same affection to unknown people that they show to unknown dogs. 

Innovation in Technology and its Challenges

Innovation is one of the latest buzz-words in the business world. And, there is a lot of debate in academia about what innovation is. Is it any invention ? Is it anything new? Do x number of people have to buy the new "thing" before it is considered innovation? Is a new feature added to an existing product an innovation? Is any new product or service innovation? And on and on...the debate continues. The problem is that the academics spend most of their time and energy on discussing what innovation is and not enough on how to innovate. And, the people who are innovating are not usually discussing it. Innovation is very contextual subject. In the business world, most of the times, innovation is related to revenue growth. For this article, innovation is new revenue creation with commercialization of new high-technologies  or finding applications of existing high-technologies. Furthermore, this article is based on a recent talk I gave at the Santa Fe Institute  busines

The cost of wrapping a gift

It is $4.99 on!