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Career In 3 Big C (s) and 3 small c (s)

Growing up in India, I did not hear the term career or career growth or career development. I think it is because everyone I knew worked for the government and the career growth happened with tenure in the job. Nobody talked about career. Since I did an MBA in the US, I have been hearing these terms regularly. Over the years, I am lucky to have worked with a wide variety of people and in management roles, I have been responsible for helping people with their career development. This article is a brief summary of what I have learned about career and career growth.  Career There are a variety of ways the term is defined and broadly speaking it means a sequence of jobs a person takes within an industry or a domain. For example, someone can have a career in teaching and teaches all her life to students in different grades. Someone else can have a career in marketing (domain) and spends her life in marketing jobs in multiple industries. When a teacher takes a job as a marketing manager in