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Money can buy everything except things that are not for sale. 

Dangerous Stories

The most dangerous stories are the ones that only exist in your head. 

New Theory

"Calculus is a story of infinitesimal change in integrate dimensional space - one dimensional, two dimensional, three dimensional space. We need a theory of infinitesimal  change in fractional dimensional and dynamic  dimensional space. No such theory exists."  - Stephen Wolfram


There is no digital world without the physical world. 

Societal And Business Trends - 2021 Year End Review

This post is an update on societal and business trends I identified in 2019. 2020 year-end update is in shown in blue font and this 2021 year-end update is in purple font.  At the end of 2019, I wrote down the list of societal trends I had been noticing over the years because I wanted to actively observe these trends in 2020. A pandemic happened in 2020 and we are still living in it. Surprisingly, almost all trends (19 out of 20) are still continuing. Following are my  Y ear  E nd of  2020   U pdates (YE2020U; all new 2020 text is in blue) to the trends.  ----- 2019 is coming to an end and continuing my quest to better understand human behavior, I wrote down the twenty trends I have been noticing for a few years. It would be interesting to observe these trends in 2020 to see how they evolve and if they achieve wider adoption. There are multiple reasons why these trends have emerged but in this article we will only look at what the trends are. Unless specified, the trends are for the US