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Wine And Whisky

Wine is the study of subtlety in soft things. Whiskey is the study of subtlety in hard things. 

Intrinsic Value

What is my intrinsic value?


I am so rational that I can rationalize all my irrational behavior. 

Fashion And Credit

Fashion and credit cycles are self-correcting i.e. their wide and easy availability results in their decline. 

Rise And Fall

The fall is much quicker than the rise. 


With millions of lives and many centuries lost to get us democracy, we are still obsessed with kings and queens. 


Beliefs distort reality. 

Startup Pitches

If all you needed was a good pitch to get your startup funded then it says less about your superior communication skills and more about the stupidity of the investor. 

Geek vs. Geek

What is more geeky? A person wearing a bluetooth headset on one ear or someone wearing AirPods in both ears? 


Risk means more things can happen than will happen.  - Elroy Dimson  

Entrepreneur And Investors

A good entrepreneur is excessively optimistic and a good investor is adequately pessimistic.