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Inside TED Global 2013

Last month, I attended  the Technology Entertainment and Design Global Conference ( TED) in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This internationally attended conference brings together leaders, experts and innovators from diverse disciplines to share  new ideas making it exceptionally unique and difficult to attend. Participants must complete a long application which is reviewed by a committee and that is how you are invited to attend. It is somewhat like applying for college.  For nearly 15 years I have been attending conferences all over the world that have focused on technologies and business. Topics usually discussed include how to bring these two together to increase a company's bottom line, how to capture dedicated customers and move towards a global market place, what the major industry trends are and how they may change the business. TED is truly about new ideas worth spreading that make the world a better place.  What I experienced in Scotland was a conference that genuinely c

Your Place in Society

No matter where you are on the social ladder, there's always someone a step above and a step below.