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Don’t forget the goal of the goal. 

Interesting Excerpts From The Books I Read In 2019

One of my goals every year is to read 10-12 books. In 2019, I re-read two books which I had read over a decade ago. Surprisingly, it felt like that I was reading them for the first time. Another new thing I did last year was to give up on the books after the first chapter if they did not keep my interest.  Following are a few brief excerpts from the books 12 books I read last year:  1. Seven days in the art world More and more collectors are opening their own exhibition spaces. Their official reasons are philanthropic, but their covert motives have more to do with marketing. The work of living artists needs to be promoted if it is to generate consensus. Moreover, collectors of contemporary art have to be proactive about developing the aura of their collection. In our cluttered multimedia culture, a significant collection does not just arise, it is made.  2. My name is Charles Saatchi and I am an artoholic How can I feel proud about an artist's


Is the mind aware of the body movements during sleep? 


Possibility is a function of time. What was impossible yesterday might be possible today.  Happy New Year!