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$2.7M - Gone in 30 seconds

I just finished watching Super Bowl XLII. The biggest and the most expensive yearly marketing event-$2.7M for a 30 second ad spot! I always wonder who the audience is for these ads-customers or the CEO of the company paying for the ad. The   Measurement of the effectiveness of these ads is still not a science. It usually comes down to whether the CEO liked it and her friends/family liked it enough to give her compliments about the ad. After that, one always finds a way to rationalize the money spent on the ad. The argument usually given is that Super Bowl is the most watched program on TV in the US. 80M+ Americans watch some or all of the show and it is a good way to build the brand and reach all customer segments. I will apply the things I have learned in Complex Systems , Psychology, and Marketing to explain four Universalities in advertising. That should be sufficient to come to the conclusion that there are better ways to spend $2.7M of company money than on a 30 second Super