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The future of home entertainment

So, the war of format for high-definition discs is finally over. Blu-ray won! For those of you who have had discussions with me on the subject, my position has been that in the long long run, the content will be distributed digitally over the Internet and not over physical media like a disc. However, digital content distribution is a few years away and two big hurdles remain-DRM (Digital Rights Management) and broadband speeds (currently too slow). In the meantime, Blu-ray has the higher probability of winning the high-definition disc format war. Now, Blu-ray has won the disc war but the battle for discs vs. digital content distribution is ongoing. See Due to my laziness, I did not document my position on my blog or any other place which I could point you to (like I can with Starbucks prediction ). In any case, the point is that by applying the concepts of Complex Systems one can accurately predict the adoption of any innovation.