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Love Cycle

I can't live without my iPhone until the next version comes along. 


There is no teacher without the student. There is no symphony without the audience.


When you calculate Return On Investment (ROI), think about Cost Of No Investment (CONI).

The Iron Pill

Charlie Munger , my hero, turns 90 today. I have learned more from Munger than my ~20 years of formal education. He is an absolute genius. F or the last decade,  I have been regularly taking the iron pill Munger prescribed and I am sharing it with you on this special day.  The iron pill is:  "Whenever you think that some situation or some person is ruining your life, it is actually you who are ruining your life...Feeling like a victim is perfectly disastrous way to go through life. If you you just take the attitude that however bad it is in any way, it's always your fault and you just fix it as best you can - the so called iron prescription-I think that really works." - Charlie Munger  It really does work! Happy Birthday to Charlie and Happy New Year to you!