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Life in Asia

I recently spent three weeks in Asia. It is fascinating to learn about the cultural differences among various countries. Most of the time, I was in Japan, Singapore, and China. All three countries are very unique. Following are a few random observations from the three countries: Japan Japan is the most advanced country in wireless communication (South Korea may disagree). All the new cool stuff, mobile wallet, mobile audio/video streaming, etc., I have been reading, writing, and talking about for last 11 years, I saw it first hand. Did you know that nobody uses SMS in Japan? They all send emails to each other using iMode or similar services. What impressed me the most was the humility and humbleness of the Japanese. Japan is the second biggest economy in the world and they rose from nothing after the second world war. Gadgets are a basic need in Japan. The electronic market Akihabara is like a flee market selling games, laptops, phones, etc. However, the stuff sold is world class an

Creation vs. Evolution

Creation is relatively easier than evolution. You can start fresh with the creation and go wild with your imagination. However, with evolution you have to think about making changes to how things are today. Evolution is a much longer process than Creation. That is why most of the innovation (Creation) comes from new companies and not from big companies who have to think about evolution. Creation of human life takes a few seconds and its evolution takes a lifetime. Someone in silicon valley said that god created the world only in seven days because he did not have to think about the embedded base:-)