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You & I

I am a version of you and you are a version of me. 

Lessons Learned From Shorting Amazon

Although I have an MBA, my learnings about investing come from Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. I have attended Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meetings about dozen times and the four basic rules of investing that I have learned are:  Do you understand the business you are buying (think of buying stock of a business like buying the entire business)?  Can you predict the earnings of the business for the next five to ten years?  Does the business have a competitive advantage (i.e. does the business have something that a competitor would find hard to copy)?  Is the stock fairly priced?  Amazon headquarters in Seattle, WA. Photo Credit: Wikipedia These four rules are easy to understand and hard to implement. A few years ago, when Amazon stock was trading below $300 and its  P/E  (Price to Earnings ratio), which is one way to determine if the stock is fairly priced, was above 2,000. At the time, The  S&P index  P

Notes From Krishamurti Workshop

Last month, I attended a workshop in Ojai, CA on Krishnamurti's teachings. He is my favorite philosopher and I find his ideas on thinking fascinating. Krishnamurti gave talks under an oak tree in Ojai from 1926 to 1986. Ojai is a beautiful place and the workshop was held at Krishnamurti's former residence which is a public library now.  Following are my random notes from the workshop: Krishnamurti teaching under the oak tree in Ojai 1. Knowledge makes you less attentive. See and listen without knowledge.  2. What is attention if it has nothing to do with thought?  3. Desire is the essence of will. 4. Attention = hearing + seeing + learning  5. Attention is not concentration because the idea behind concentration is to build resistance to all other thought except the one you want to concentrate on.  6. Awareness without choice (i.e. no comparison) is required for attention. In that attention there is no "me".  7. All the t

World View

If what is happening in the world does not make sense to you then you are looking at the world how it should be and not how it is.