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Systems & Self-Worth

People who don't understand systems, usually have an inflated sense of self-worth (as it relates to their contribution to the system).


Human ability to listen and observe declines as the personal excitement level rises.


The most talked about subject in social conversations is human relationships.

Love, God, and Songs

Why is it that most songs in all cultures are about Love or God? What is about Love and God that makes people sing? And, why is there not much else that makes people sing?

Re Duality in America

An American friend of mine has an interesting response to the Duality in America post. See the response below: "I take exception with your assessment of people’s reaction to the tee shirt. Her pose is making a statement of what she thinks of the observer (me) as an individual (I’m meaningless or worthless to her). By wearing that tee shirt you are saying that you share her opinion of the observer (me). America respects and encourages individualism up to the point where one’s individualism impedes on another. This is where friction develops between individuals and groups of people when one’s thoughts, actions or rights differ with or impede another’s thoughts rights or action. That’s where the civil and judicial systems need to determine if a person 1) has a right, 2) if that right was violated and 3) if there is a conflict of rights who’s right takes precedent. You could argue that the tee shirt is art whose purpose is to evoke an emotion. Offended individuals could arg

Vinci's Seven Principles

I think Leonardo da Vinci is the smartest man who ever lived. Most famous brilliant people are master of one subject, Vinci was master of various subjects. I live my life by Vinci's seven principles which are: 1. An insatiably curious approach to life 2. A commitment to test knowledge through experience 3. The refinement of the senses to clarify experience 4. A willingness to embrace uncertainty 5. Balancing science and art, logic and imagination to achieve whole brain thinking 6. The cultivation of grace, ambidexterity, fitness, and poise 7. A recognition of the interconnectedness of all things However, I am still not a master of any subject:-) What life principles do you live by?


It is also highly important for us to realize that we do not as a matter of fact lead our lives, make our decisions, and reach our goals in everyday life either statistically or scientifically. We live by inference . I am, let us say, your guest. You do not know, you cannot determine scientifically, that I will not steal your money or your spoons. But inferentially I will not, and inferentially you have me as a guest. - William Thomas


When I am reading at a cafe, people around me speaking in a foreign language that I don't understand is significantly more distracting than people speaking in English. The question is why. Logically, if people are saying things that I understand then I should be able to focus less on what I am reading because the brain has to process two unrelated inputs simultaneously- reading and hearing. On the other hand, if I am hearing things in another language that I don't understand then my brain should be able to ignore this as noise and focus more on reading. Does the brain have to work really hard to understand the foreign language even though it knows that it will not understand what is being said? Is that what causes the increased distraction? Do you know why?

Duality in America

Recently, I was in south of France where people live more of a Bohemian lifestyle and I saw a few people wearing t-shirts with a picture of Kate Moss showing her middle finger. There is a context behind the picture with Kate Moss drugs scandal and revival of her career after that. I wondered how people would react if I wore the T-Shirt back home in a suburb of San Francisco. So, I bought the T-Shirt. Last week, I wore it and sat outside a cafe where a lot of people walking by could see the shirt. The reactions were quite amusing. Some people were shocked. Some could not believe and they had to look again. Some were visibly angry others looked away after a glance. The people I know told me that I was wearing a radical shirt. However, they could not explain to me what was so radical about the shirt. In business, technology, entertainment, and Science, the US leads the world in openness to new ideas, new people, and risks. However, the social life is still dominated by traditional Chri

The Power of Thoughts

How do thoughts gets generated? Why is it easier to think about something you want to think about vs forgetting something? Is the explanation as simple as weight management - gaining weight is easy and losing weight is difficult? Thoughts have physical affect on one's body. I can close by eyes and depending on what I am thinking, my heart rate goes up or down, tears come out of my eyes or I smile, I feel sensation in every part of my body or complete calmness. Unbelievable! The environment triggers some thoughts and the body reacts automatically, at least for me. However bad I am feeling, I see a child playing and I can't help but smile. There is no conscious thinking that occurs in my head, my smile is an automatic reaction to seeing children. Lately, when I see old homeless people, my heart rate goes up. I feel helpless. There is no conscious thinking involved here either. Imagine what one can achieve when one learns to control one's thoughts. What are your thoughts?:-)