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Can color exist without light?

Software Development vs. Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is a part of our daily lives. What we see on Twitter, Facebook, Google; the shows recommended to us on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and face detection are all using a form of AI called supervised machine learning (ML) i.e. you can teach a machine (computer) to learn something, it has no clue about, based on a lot of data. For example, you can show a machine thousands of images and train it to detect cats. After being sufficiently trained, you can input an image, which the machine has not seen before, into the machine and it would tell you if there is a cat in the image. The more data the ML models get exposed to, the better they get over time.  Most of the practical applications we see today are using ML. And, everything ML is doing can be done by humans. So, why do we need ML? Three main reasons:  1. Automation: You don't need to hire humans to figure out if there is a cat in the image or if an email is spam. Machines can do a good enough job. This can result in


Marcus Aurelius' Meditations reads like brief notes on hindu philosophy    Random excerpt from the book:  Your ability to control your thoughts - treat it with respect. It's all that protects your mind from false perceptions - false to your nature, and that of all rational beings. It's what makes thoughtfulness possible, and affection for other people, and submission to the divine. 


If you don't like your fortune, have another fortune cookie.