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I have something to do with creation of all my problems. And, most of them exist only in my head.

Mind, Body, Spirit , and Chaos: The Interconnectedness of All Things

I recently attended a workshop titled, " Mind, Body, Spirit ,and Chaos: New Perspectives from the Frontiers of Science" . The workshop was led by Ralph Abraham and Bruce Lipton . Ralph is a brilliant man and is one of the co-founders of the Chaos Theory . Bruce is very impressive as well. The workshop was very interesting and provided me new thought-provoking insights. Following are my random notes (you may have to read this post multiple times to find the interconnectedness of the thoughts shared): Ralph & Bruce discussion 1. The third leading cause of deaths in the US is the medical profession . 2. Cancer occurs due to lifestyle induced changes. Kids who get adopted by cancer patients are highly likely to develop cancer. Less than 10% of cancer is heredity based. 3. Thoughts can create 30,000 variations of gene expression. 4.  In the right state of mind, one can drink poison and not die. For example, some religious cults in the US used to drink strychnine during

Complexity and Execution

Complexity of execution far outweighs complexity of conceptualization. I find it very amusing that people who teach complexity usually don't know how to execute/apply their complexity theories.

What do people want?

People usually are not happy with what they have. They don't necessarily want what they don't have. However, they do want what others have.

Taste of Music

How does one develop taste in music? Is there natural tendency to be drawn towards certain kind of music or it is all influenced by the society one lives in?

Feelings Expression

The ability of the Japanese to express their feelings with tone variation is unmatched by any other culture.

Self-Awareness & Objectivity

Humans show a severe lack of self-awareness and objectivity.

Innovation and Operational Efficiency

An organization's ability to innovate is inversely proportional to its operational efficiency.