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Hotel Corona - Shelter In Place (Today's version of Hotel California song)

On a bright sunny morning, no wind anywhere Warm smell of breakfast, rising through the air  Up ahead in the distance, I saw a Zoom call My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim  I had to step up to my desk.  There stood Zoom in macbook; I heard the Slack notification  And I was thinking to myself  'This could be bad or this could be hell' Then I double clicked the touchpad and macOS showed me the way There were voices on the Zoom call,  I thought I heard them say Welcome to the Hotel Corona - Shelter in place  Such a lonely place Such a lonely place Plenty of room at the Hotel Corona - Shelter in place  This time of the pandemic, you can find me here My mind is tech-twisted, I got a lot of gadgets I got a lot of pretty, pretty toys, I call apps  How they dance on my iPhone, sweet spring sweat  Some apps I remember, some I forget  So I called up the Google assistant, 'Please bring me my contingency plan' He said,

Post Pandemic Society

I am saddened by the deaths caused by the coronavirus . At the same time, I am comforted by the humanity's response to the pandemic .  People are concerned for others and are practicing self-discipline. What can we do that this recognition of interconnectedness of all things, concern for the wellbeing of others, and a little sacrifice for the betterment of society continues after the pandemic  is over? Nkonsonkonsom: Adinkra symbol of unity and human relations 


If you haven't figured out that love is the answer then you have been asking the wrong questions...

Dynamics Of The Technology Ecosystem

Context  The last two decades have completely changed the technology (tech) sector. Cloud computing , smartphones, apps, and high wireless data speeds are taken for granted. These developments have created a dynamic tech ecosystem.  Figure 1: Technology Ecosystem abstraction with examples in each layer  Having worked with some very smart people to develop and market new products in all parts of the tech ecosystem - Networks and mobile phones ( SIEMENS ), Network Operators ( T-Mobile ), Semiconductors ( National Semiconductor ), Algorithms/Artificial Intelligence ( Audience ), Cloud-based Applications ( EVER , Moki ), Blockchain and Consumer Hardware ( Open Garden ) - gives me a unique perspective on how the technology ecosystem works and how it might evolve.  In this article, I share my view on what constitutes the technology ecosystem, what are the primary business drivers depending on a company's position in the ecosystem, and how the ecosystem might ch