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Kings And Queens

If cash is king then credit is the queen who is running the world and cryptocurrencies are her illegitimate children that are driving the king crazy. Global debt to GDP ratio is 318% and cryptocurrencies market cap is $420B. 


Opinion without understanding corrupts the mind. 


Creativity and effort towards a goal is inversely proportional to the appealing available alternatives. 


Shared adversity makes better friendships. 


Psychiatrists are very good at defining and explaining things that, for the most part, are made-up  Hence, consistently increasing their market size. Brain is probably the least understood thing in science today. And somehow, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) has hundreds of disorders with subcategories explained in around thousand pages. 

Attachment Theory

Childhood is not the cause of all adult romantic relationship problems. Social conditioning, fiction, and media may have more to do with it. Attachment theory might be too attached to itself. 

Listen For Understanding

When one is eager to speak, one's ability to listen declines. 

Long term vs. short term

There is no long term if you don't survive short term. 


Experience is the understanding of a domain in variable conditions to make good decisions within that domain. It is not the amount of time you have spent doing something. 

Correlation vs. Causation

To see how how the experts confuse correlation and causation everyday, watch financial news and analysis on CNBC or Bloomberg.