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Women, Men, and their Relationships

In my never-ending pursuit to better understand human behavior, I recently attended a workshop by Dr. Warren Farrell to learn how women think. Dr. Farrell has done a remarkable job of combining Psychology, Sociology, and Biology to create pragmatic insights on Romantic Relationships between Men & Women in the US. Following are my random notes from the workshop: The more creative a thought is the faster you will forget it because creative thoughts by nature are out of context and the brain does not retain thoughts which are out of context. So, when you get a creative idea, write it down immediately. The secret to happy marriage is mutual respect between husband and wife and a happy wife. There is truth in the saying, "Happy wife = Happy life". In their pursuit to find a man, women exercise "veto power" i.e. they wait for the men to approach them and then decide, after sizing up the men, if they want to go out with the men who approached them. Most women don'


Why is that celebration requires spending money in all cultures? How did we celebrate before there was money?

Balance vs. Focus

If you seek happiness then achieve balance and if you seek success then achieve focus.

The Complexity of Wine

Humans share 99% of DNA with rats. The Syrah grape grown in France compared to the same grape grown in Australia, where it is called Shiraz, has 12% difference in DNA. Wine is one of the most complex things around.

Language Evolution

How is it that different languages were created in different parts of the world during human evolution? Does geography play a role in language creation and evolution? What role does the society structure and culture play? Was there a generally accepted sign language in specific geographies before we had a language?

The State of Business Journalism in the US

In today's Wall Street Journal (US print edition), the top most news is regarding a phone not working properly when held in a certain way. Less than 1% of the US population has this phone. And, people who have this device do not seem to care much about the problem. Bizarre!


How was imagination like when there were no movies, no fiction reading, no performing arts? Has the entertainment industry help us become more imaginative and hence more innovative?