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How do we know what leather tastes like? Does the mind confuse smell with taste? Or, can we taste things through the nose? Or, does consistent exposure to something gives us a sense of taste for that thing? 

Mind Over World

I live inside my head more than I live in the world. 

Munger On Investing, Economics, And Business

Investing legend Charlie Munger on investing, the buyback debate and much more from CNBC .


Joy is the absence of thought. 

Random Learnings From The Books I Read In 2018

I tend to read 10-12 books a year.  Last year, I completed reading eleven books and at the end of the year I realized that I do not remember much of what I had read. Following is an attempt to remember at least one thing from each book I read i.e. a random sentence or paragraph I underlined while reading the book:  1. The success equation - Michael J. Mauboussin  A common mistake is to use a process for making a decision that is appropriate for activities that are nearly all skill and then apply to activity that is mostly luck. 2. Design is storytelling - Ellen Lupton  Emotion is temporal. Waves of feeling drags us out of the present and into the past and future. Novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that trying to live in the present moment is a losing struggle. People, he said, are ceaselessly drawn to "the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us." Mindfulness is a state of focused attention that requires people to resist distra


We choose between two commitments: a commitment to our senses or a commitment to our duty.