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Absurd is the new normal. What would Magritte paint today?


Regardless of the facts, people tend to believe things they understand. If an incorrect explanation, A, can be understood with a simple analogy and a correct explanation, B, requires mental energy and effort to be understood then most people will believe A. 

GPT 3, Platform Power, TikTok, and Immigration

My discussion with Arne Tonning, a venture capitalist based in Oslo, on:  1.   GPT3 (a new generalized Artificial Intelligence model for Natural Language Processing) - what it is and what are its applications.  2. Epic Games fight with Apple and Google on 30% revenue share that App Store and Google Play charge for digital goods sold via in-app purchases on their app platforms.  3. TikTok ban in the US 4. How latest US immigration policy is affecting the tech industry

Dependency II

If a system is highly dependent on you then the system is penalized for your errors and you can gain from the errors of the system. 


If you are highly dependent on a system and the system does not depend on you then you are penalized for the errors the system makes and for the errors you make. 


There are a few things that one can only learn from experience. 

Interconnectivity Causing Uniqueness

The number of unique situations the world experiences will continue to rise with time. 


I am emotional about being rational.