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Testing New Product Ideas - The MBR Way

In Silicon Valley, the product development approach of releasing the most basic version of the product ( Minimum Viable Product or MVP ) to some users who would find it valuable compared to available options and then iterating the product based on user-feedback, is well understood. In the CPG ( Consumer Packaged Goods ) world, the approach of testing a new product idea before any development work is done is practiced regularly. It might be hard to develop an MVP for a new soap but we, in the technology product development, can test new product ideas before we start building an MVP. Performing this test also helps with positioning the product in the market. Following is the three step MBR ( M ental model, B enefit, R eason to believe) approach of testing new product ideas:  Testing new product ideas  Start with writing down the singular product idea and then follow the three step MBR process in writing.  1. M ental model: How do users think about the product category your product belong


One doesn't change one's belief based on data contrary to the belief if changing the belief is painful. 

Breadth Vs. Depth

My breadth is my depth. 


When does an idea become more important than a human life? 


Society is a social construct that requires consistent reinforcement of friends and family bonds. Rituals are part of how a nuclear family operates. However, maintaining meaningful  relationships beyond the nuclear family requires effort because  we are living increasingly busy lives and and we don't live within a walking distance to our friends and extended family.  A society with happy people in harmony with nature  Getting together, eating together, sharing gifts or best wishes during the holidays is a good ritual that reinforces the bonds. And, I love the season because during the holidays  people are kinder and happier.  Happy Holidays and A Happy New Year!   

Obituary: Charles T. Munger

My hero, Charlie Munger , passed away on November 28th, 2023. He was 99 years old.  I met Munger in 2007 at my first Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting . It was admiration at first few words. I liked his depth of understanding in multiple domains, his honesty, and his willingness to share his wisdom. Since then I have read all his available writings and seen him many times in Omaha or Los Angeles at various shareholder meetings. He profoundly influenced Warren Buffett and the entire investing and business world. The world has lost a great leader, thinker, and teacher.  Munger's response to my letter      Since meeting Munger, I continue to learn from him and share what I am learning.  Following are a few Munger teachings that have become my habits:  1. Inversion: When you want to solve a problem, start with inverting the problem. For example, if you have to figure out how to keep the airplanes safe, work on figuring out how they can crash.  2. Multi-disciplinary thinking:


Earlier today I finished reading, Range (by David Epstein), an interesting book that makes a case of learning about multiple disciplines (becoming a "generalist") vs. specializing early in life (becoming a "specialist"). I found the case to be compelling probably because I am a generalist with broad experience.  Charlie Munger has talked about the same idea for decades. The study of complex systems is based on breaking the boundaries of academic disciplines.  The world needs both specialists and generalists. A lot more specialists than generalists.  Regardless, one has to pursue disciplines one is curious about. Some people are curious about a lot of things. 

Evolution Of Society

Society is evolving to prioritize feelings over duty. It is dangerous. 

Technological Advantages

A company's technological competitive advantages are head start advantages in a race. If the company slows down in technology development, competitors catch up. 


Investment finance, as taught by business schools, is a study of sophistication and precision applied to guesswork. 

Munger's Thoughts At Age 99

Charlie Munger, age 99, still sharing his wisdom, humor, and mistakes.  Notable Munger line from the Daily Journal ($DJCO) shareholder meeting - dumb is forever. 

Feelings vs. Action.

Feelings don’t move the world forward. Action does. 

China and COVID

China realized that running the economy is more important than avoiding all COVID deaths because eventually more people might die because of a bad economy. 


Illogic in others can be used logically. 

Blockchain and Crypto

Eventually, something widely useful will come out of blockchain and crypto technologies. 

Fiction vs. Reality Part Deux

It used to be that fiction was more important to the peace in society than the reality. 

Reality vs. Fiction

Fiction is more dangerous to the peace in a society than the reality.