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Lessons From The First Attempt At Entrepreneurship

We are living in very exciting times. The wireless technologies are  just beginning to change how we live. A great opportunity lies ahead in connecting the physical world with the virtual world using wireless technologies.  Two years ago, having that insight, I made an attempt at changing how the physical retail industry operates by launching a company- Mjedi . I started with focusing on the Fashion/Apparel industry. The embedded presentation will give you an idea what the company was about.  Mjedi was an interesting ride-we launched a product & a service, won a reputable award ( CTIA-top 5 innovative startups 2009 - to see the video, click here ), and made inroads into major retailers. The main reason that Mjedi service is not running today is my lack of perseverance at the time. Other companies with similar concepts (GroupOn, Foursquare, Livingsocial, etc.) started around the same time frame are gaining ground. Following is the random log of learnings I kept whi

The State of California

California has become a diet-Coke civilization of consumer democracy, of services without taxes, like sweetness without calories, of rights without duties- Nathan Gardels

Industry and Amusement

Like the bee, we should make our industry our amusement.- Oliver Goldsmith

The Current State of Capitalism

The invisible hand has become quite visible and people have found ways to use it for self-interest.