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I dream of a world where babies don't lose their innocence with age. In our world, Venus had to be born as an adult to be an innocent adult and she exists only in fiction. 

From My Mother's Diary

An entry from my mother's diary today:  --- July 31st, 2021 A few lessons from happenings and surroundings: 1. A short term pleasure can lead to long term traps.  2. If things come easy and you get comfortable, you are getting trapped into dependency.  3. When you don't use your skills, you can lose them. And, this loss might limit your choices and freedom. 4. Freedom does not come easy and can be lost quickly.  5. Nothing comes easily in life but if something does come easily then it might not be worth having it.  6. Don't curse your struggles. They are your blessings in disguise.  ---


Desire clouds judgment.


Predictable things command a premium. 


Why do babies like toys?

Bread vs. Circus

If you have to choose between importing bread and circus, import bread. The hungry don't care where the bread comes from but the populace can be made patriotic with the right circus.  

My Errors In Investing

I am writing this post to internalize the lessons learned from my investing (in public companies) mistakes over twenty years.   Chapter 1 (2000 - 2003) My journey of investing in public companies began around year 2000, at the peak of the  dotcom bubble . At the time, all I remembered about investing from my recent MBA was that companies trading over a  P/E  (Price Earnings Ratio i.e. price of the stock divided by earnings per share) of 15 were overpriced. People were very excited about investing at the time, stocks were what everyone talked about in social gatherings. I worked with people I liked and respected. They were making money every day in the market and how much money everyone was making was the lunch topic every day. I brought up P/E ratios in the conversations and they all laughed and said it was a new economy, old rules didn't apply. I thought this is why people say that reality is different from school. I was applying what I learned in school and not making any money i


Government creates laws. Corporations follow laws. Government complains about the results of the laws and vilifies corporations. 


What is a garden that is not visited by bees, birds, and butterflies?