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Can there be society without social conditioning?


Most of our lives are spent doing things that, we think, will enable us to do things we desire. 


Empathy is directly proportional to the frequency of misfortunes - Ralph Abraham  

Essence And Complexity

The essence of everything is simple. Details give rise to complexity. 


Sometimes the most rational thing to do is to do what you feel. 

Learnings From Krishnamurti Awareness Workshop

Last month, I was in Victoria, BC, to attend a workshop on Awareness based on teachings of my favorite philosopher, Krishnamurti (K). The workshop was held at the Krishnamurti Education Center of Canada . It is a beautiful and calm place, perfect for introspection. Following are my random notes from the workshop: 1. What drives our actions? The general understanding is that thought drives action. Hence, we try to control our thoughts with meditation. The idea is that if you control your thoughts then you will control your actions and if you control your actions then you will be happy. Everybody is looking for happiness and the cause for happiness or unhappiness is thought. However, K says that what you think is result of the state of your mind. And, the state of mind is influenced by one's unconscious. So what one thinks is caused by one's unconscious and thought becomes the effect and not the cause of one’s actions.   2. The Mind, which always wants to sati

Self Awareness

Don't try to figure out others. Understand yourself and everything will make sense. 

Life And Equations

The most interesting things in life cannot be reduced to equations. 

The point

What is the point of the point? 


Commitments are tested when better options become available. 

Need And Expectations

When the need is high, the expectations are higher. 

Progress II

What is progress?


Loss is more memorable than gain.