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Fitness on Your Wrist: The Genesis of a Wearable Device

Four years ago, I took a job where I had a one line job description: create a new $100M business in three years for Personal Mobile Devices.  We developed an innovation methodology that worked really well in deciding in which new technologies to invest. Using that methodology, we selected four technologies to commercialize. One of the four was called SmartSense which was a personal wellness platform that included a bracelet, a mobile app, and cloud computing. SmartSense bracelet The SmartSense bracelet measured:  1. Physical activity (steps, intensity, miles walked, calories burned)  2. Stress  3. Skin temperature and ambient temperature  4. Heart-rate 5. Sleep pattern  The magic lay in intelligently gathering the data from the body, analyzing it with history, understanding the correlation and causation among various data sets, and making sense of the user's behavior; then representing the output to the user


Romance is inversely proportional to efficiency. 

Use Your Illusion II

An illusion of understanding is more dangerous than a lack of understanding. 

Use Your Illusion I

The society is a web of illusions and if you are not caught in the web then you are the disillusioned one.