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Mind Vs. Body

Selling the body is prostitution and selling the mind is employment. 

Body Vs. Mind

An aggression towards the body is unlawful. However, an aggression towards the mind is a $600B advertising market. 

Making Things Better

Everyone has a good idea for someone else to execute. 

Once In A Lifetime

Every moment is a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Advice On Advisory Boards

There are three main reasons that startups need advisory boards. The videos is ~7 minute long and was recorded in 2017 for the Nordic startups. 

How To Fix Healthcare

A complex systems approach to make the healthcare system more effective and efficient. The video is ~30 minute long and is a recording of my keynote speech at a conference in Stockholm in 2015. 

Thoughts From The Thinking Weekend

On February 23rd and 24th, I hosted a Thinking Weekend with support from Scott Kriens, Chairman, Juniper Networks, and TED to have a joint inquiry into an important question i.e. what is the role of a corporation in society and should the society treat tech companies differently? We explored the topic from six different perspectives:  1. A corporation perspective with  Scott Kriens , Chairman, Juniper Networks 2. An academic perspective with  Terry Kramer , Former US Ambassador, Faculty Director, Easton Technology Management Center, UCLA 3. A local governance perspective with  John McAlister , Councilmember and Former Mayor, City of Mountain View 4. An individual perspective with  Ralph Abraham , Chaos theory and dynamical systems theory pioneer. You can see Ralph's trialouges with Rupert Sheldrake and Terence McKenna here 5. An outside perspective with  Gro Dyrnes , Director Silicon Valley, Innovation Norway 6. An artist perspective with  Christine