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"An external cost is a cost imposed on the public without its consent." -Garrett Hardin 


The problem with economics (capitalism) is that it assumes that the man is pursuing self-interest (the rational man). The problem with communism (Marxism) is that it assumes that the man is not pursuing self-interest. 


Masquerade ball used to be a once a year party. It is everyday life now and it is no party. 


Does the lion know that it is the king of the jungle?


All democracies run the risk of eventually being governed by a demagogue. 

Information Sharing

Sharing information without completely understanding it, causes mass confusion. 

Business Valuations

The fundamental idea of a business is to convert a dollar into more than a dollar. Generally, how well a business is doing that is measured by net earnings or free cash flow. I am not clear on how one values a business as a multiple of revenue which seems to be a new norm for the new tech businesses. 


Blockchain is a technology used by the new middlemen to displace the old middlemen while claiming that the technology eliminates the middlemen. 


People get inspired by the stories they can relate to and not by facts and reason. 


The world inside my head is bigger than the world outside. 


Food is a medium to eat spices.