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New Tribal Knowledge for Startups

7 Heuristics (experience-based techniques for problem solving) for Entrepreneurial Success Innovation is about creating  new   things. But how do you create new things that people are willing to use and pay for? Ambiguity and uncertainty are always associated with innovation. Generally, people have a tough time dealing with both. One of the reasons that big corporations are not good at creating new things is that they are not structured to do unpredictable things -  a hallmark of the startup environment . There is no predictability when creating a new business with an idea.  Startup is a complex system problem because creating a successful business depends on the interplay amongst the idea, market, people, and capital. The outcome is unpredictable and it can change the world.  The unknowable can only be understood by doing  When you are starting a company or developing something new, you have an idea, you may have access to technology or you ma

Is there Happiness Without Other Feelings?

Why do we want to be happy all the time? How will we recognize the feeling of happiness if we are happy all the time? Are feelings absolute?