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The Power of Ideas

Everything and everyone around you is someone else's idea. Are you living with your own ideas? 

The Jungle

Fly me to the moon is what I hear from her She loves the ballet and mimosas with brunch  She likes parties and rubbing elbows with TEDsters  We go to St Barts for holidays to get away from it all And come back with more of the all  I love the stillness in the forest  Even the sound of flowing river does not disturb the calm  Neither does the sound of the birds  I like fresh air and the 500 shades of green Nothing captures my imagination like the milky way  What is binding us?  Did marriage make us one?  She makes me part of her world  I want to be alone in my world  Is me in her world makes it her world?  Am I just an accessory?  Who am I? 

Who am I?

Who am I? I used to be you.  My life used to be simple.  What changes with age?  Me or the world? Or just my mind?  I love hotdogs and I don't know why everyone likes Pepsi  I love Coke I wanna play all night tomorrow My friends are coming over to play with the new PS4 my dad bought me  I love Maria. She is so cool  Mom and Dad play with their phones and she plays with me What am I learning and what am I teaching? I hate homework and love the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes  It used to be about what I love and and now it is all about who loves me  I wonder if I will get a sister