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Apple Watch: A Giant Leap for Apple. A Small Step for Wearables

Apple Watch Beautiful is not the word that comes to mind when you look at the new Apple Watch (AW) . You don’t think of cool, edgy, or sophisticated either. The AW, formerly rumored as the iWatch, is out or, at least, we have an idea of what it is. Well, it looks like a watch and does a lot of other stuff. It blows away anything else that is in the market in the wearable/smartwatch/fitness-tracker/health-monitor category.  Google Android Wear  and  Samsung Gear  look ancient in comparison. However, it fails to evoke the emotion that Apple's other successful products like the iPhone evoked. Surprisingly, Apple failed to create an elegant design that is sophisticated, inviting, and  moving. The AW looks like a giant screen on your wrist.The AW comes in two sizes. The bigger one is for men and the smaller one is for women.  Apple does not state that explicitly, though. Some men may like it but I cannot imagine a fashion-conscious woman wearing an AW.  I understan

Emotions vs. Rationality

I am very emotional about my rationality.