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Defying Gravity

A few pennies in the vase can make the flowers defy gravity. 

Apple Watch In The Eyes Of A Fashion Insider

Do you love me? With the anticipated Apple Watch launch announcement on March 9th,   I sought a fashion-insider's perspective on wearable devices and the Apple Watch in particular. With an eye to style, aesthetics and fashion, I spoke with Christine Campbell, President of Crimson Mim, an independent women's boutique located in the heart of Silicon Valley. I have known Christine for a few years and serve on the advisory board of Crimson Mim. In general, fashion industry insiders are not happy with how the Apple Watch looks. Since, Apple is trying to sell Apple Watch as a jewelry item, I thought it would be insightful to talk to someone from the fashion industry. Following is our conversation: Chander: What's your take on the state of wearable devices? Christine: The fall of 2013 seemed to be the peek of fitness wearable devices at least among women in Silicon Valley. Almost every customer who came in was wearing one. Now, I'd say, it's one in ten,


If your behavior does not change with age, your body does.  


Definition of stupid in Northern California: A person who is unconstrained by the limits of reason.