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Would you like to stop thinking about a problem that seems impossible to solve? Create a new and bigger problem. 


Media personalization eliminates random discovery and limits the expansion of the mind. 

Management Today

The idea of management comes from the military because that was the first time in human history a diverse group of people who did not know each other were organized to work together towards a common goal. That structure gave us a few principles:   Hierarchy  Command and control  Incentives for achieving the goals  Division of responsibility based on function  Centralized decision making Not much has changed over the last few thousand years. Today, the business world follows many of the same principles. At the highest level, business management is about capital allocation, mainly within an organization, to maximize shareholder returns. To do that, a manager must be good at understanding risk, making decisions, making trade-offs, communication, and putting the right people in the jobs. Middle management is more nuanced. Theoretically, management is an easy concept to grasp. However, the execution of the concept is complex. Having worked in organizations ranging from about