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Pitching Your Tech Startup To Hollywood: A Silicon Valley Founder's Perspective

Los Angeles (LA)  is known for its creativity and entertainment. Silicon Valley (SV) is known for its technology and innovation. Because of the new technologies and changing consumer behavior, the fields of entertainment and technology are converging. Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. are changing how entertainment content is created, consumed, and monetized. The merging of entertainment and tech was the foundation of my own startup,  EVER , I launched two years ago to satisfy the human curiosity that occurs when you see and like something new on TV. Pitching EVER took me from Silicon Valley to LA almost every week for over eighteen months. I navigated the entertainment industry relying on what little information was available in the marketplace on how this industry operates and my own background in technology and experience working in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem for a few years. In the most simplistic terms, in SV, a startup creates a product and is funded