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Sometimes, not knowing enough can be the greatest strength. 

Obituary: Laj Tuteja

My grandmother (Baji), Laj Tuteja, passed away on April 24th, 2014. It is sad to have the last grandparent leave the earth. It feels like a link to myself and to the world is broken. Baji helped raise me and hence heavily influenced early years of my life. Her strength of character was exemplary. My grandfather died at a young age and Baji became a widow with five children. People who were supposed to help her in time of need betrayed her and she became very poor from being very rich shortly after she became a widow. Despite seeing the dark side of human nature, Baji was always loving and kind to everyone. Raising five children as a single mother without money was a daunting task in India in the mid twentieth century. However, no obstacle could waver her from her goals and she never compromised on her principles, All the five children are well-settled today. Whenever, I need the strength to get through something tough, I think of Baji.  May Baji rest in peace. 

Rules of the Game

The first rule of the game is to know that you are in one. - Sandra Lerner