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The Problem with Learning

We learn how things were and how they should be but rarely how things really are. This causes a lot of misery and pain because things are never how they should be. Now, where does "should be" come from? "Should be" is based on religious or some other ideals or on the memories of the past or on anticipation of better future. All of these "should be" concepts are never fully realized and hence we spend our lives in conflict with the present.

Thought and Memory

Is it possible to have thought without memory?

People Watching

Why is people watching a popular time-pass around the world?

Conflicting Life Strategies

I often wonder what the best life strategy is. Complex Systems and experience taught me that tit for tat is the best survival strategy. However, it is in direct conflict with what I learned from Gandhi i.e. an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Do I have to raise my consciousness to the level of Gandhi to live by "be the change you want to see in the world" (another lesson from Gandhi)? What do you think?  

Independent Mind

An independent mind is a rare thing.

Human Nature Summarized

The basic human nature is same all over the world - reproduce, continuously satisfy senses, and pursue self-interest, all with the least amount of effort.