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Pitching Your Tech Startup To Hollywood: A Silicon Valley Founder's Perspective

Los Angeles (LA)  is known for its creativity and entertainment. Silicon Valley (SV) is known for its technology and innovation. Because of the new technologies and changing consumer behavior, the fields of entertainment and technology are converging. Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. are changing how entertainment content is created, consumed, and monetized. The merging of entertainment and tech was the foundation of my own startup,  EVER , I launched two years ago to satisfy the human curiosity that occurs when you see and like something new on TV. Pitching EVER took me from Silicon Valley to LA almost every week for over eighteen months. I navigated the entertainment industry relying on what little information was available in the marketplace on how this industry operates and my own background in technology and experience working in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem for a few years. In the most simplistic terms, in SV, a startup creates a product and is funded

The New Generation

How does increase in cultural homogenization affect self-identity? 


A snake charmer plays the music for the audience and not for the snake. 

What Drives Our Social Behavior?

Why do we do anything? Why do we want anything? What leads to our actions or inactions? What makes us social? Why do we compromise? Some say that human life is driven by fear. It is fascinating how society functions and how many variations there are of society.  However, the core of human nature is the same all over the world. In my observations, our social lives are highly influenced by three distinct fears -LLP:  1. Fear of L oneliness 2. Fear of Effort ( L aziness)  3. Fear of the Unknown ( P redictability)   Evolutionary biology tells us that a desire to procreate and to self-preserve dictate a lot of our behavior. I think the modern world is much more complex. Reliance on another human is being replaced by commercial goods and services. Time is our most limited resource and it is primarily consumed to earn money and/or to satisfy our senses. Is that all there is? Let's see how LLP plays a role in our daily social lives:  1. Loneliness: It i

What Is A Person?

Representation of human spirit?  But whether the visage we assume be a joyful or a sad one, in adopting and emphasizing it we define our sovereign temper. Henceforth, so long as we continue under the spell of this self-knowledge, we do not merely live but act; we compose and play our chosen character, we wear the buskin of deliberation, we defend and idealize our passions, we encourage ourselves eloquently to be what we are, devoted or scornful or careless or austere; we soliloquize (before an imaginary audience) and we wrap ourselves gracefully in the mantle of our inalienable part. So draped, we solicit applause and expect to die amid a universal hush. We profess to live up to the fine sentiments we have uttered, as we try to believe in the religion we profress. The greater our difficulties the greater our zeal. Under our published principles and plighted language we must assiduously hide all the inequalities of our mood and conduct, and this without hypocrisy, since our delibe


A loss is shattering of an illusion.