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Things we love and talk about

Mobile phones and what they can do are a frequent part of conversation in the US. The first iPhone started this social phenomenon in 2007. The iPhone 5 comes out today and the front page news in the Wall Street Journal is that the map application on the iPhone 5 is not good enough. See what was front page news about iPhone three years ago by clicking here .  Following is a picture taken outside the Apple store on Wednesday, September 19th, evening in Palo Alto, CA. These people have been camping outside the store to buy the iPhone 5 today.  Who knew people can love a phone so much!  I find it fascinating that a phone can change the society. Let's see how long this sustains. 

Length of songs

Why most of the popular songs are 3-5 minute long? Was it always this way? Can the writer not write anything longer/shorter or the singer can not sing anything longer/shorter or can we not hear anything longer/shorter?

What should we do about the Greek debt?

The French are missing from the action and they may not like it:-) Things to note: Every minute on the clock represents a year  The AAA and the D batteries are a reference to the country's credit rating.  Pause the video towards the beginning to see what the guy is eating from the can.  Pause the video towards the end when the toast is served to see the names on the toast.  The name of the butter is bond.