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Climate-Friendly Products

People don’t buy inferior products just because they are good for the environment.

The MVP Approach and The Post MVP Journey

With a career spanning T-Mobile, National Semiconductor, Facebook, and multiple hi-tech startups, I have firsthand experience in taking innovative ideas from conception to market success, generating billions of dollars and reaching hundreds of millions of users. Aditionally, I have advised hundreds of startups, gaining valuable insights into common pitfalls and effective strategies. Whether building AI-driven enterprise solutions, climate-tech B2B products, or consumer e-commerce mobile apps, the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach and the post-MVP journey have been instrumental in reducing risk and accelerating development. Let's explore how you can leverage the MVP framework to not only speed up your development process but also create products that resonate deeply with your users at scale. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a methodology to reduce risk and increase speed in development. The concept has been around for over 20 years. MVP is a milestone in the new product developm


Immature leaders tend to solve hypothetical problems at the expense of real problems.