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What Drives Our Social Behavior?

Why do we do anything? Why do we want anything? What leads to our actions or inactions? What makes us social? Why do we compromise? Some say that human life is driven by fear. It is fascinating how society functions and how many variations there are of society.  However, the core of human nature is the same all over the world. In my observations, our social lives are highly influenced by three distinct fears -LLP:  1. Fear of L oneliness 2. Fear of Effort ( L aziness)  3. Fear of the Unknown ( P redictability)   Evolutionary biology tells us that a desire to procreate and to self-preserve dictate a lot of our behavior. I think the modern world is much more complex. Reliance on another human is being replaced by commercial goods and services. Time is our most limited resource and it is primarily consumed to earn money and/or to satisfy our senses. Is that all there is? Let's see how LLP plays a role in our daily social lives:  1. Loneliness: It i