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People who have made big contributions to the world, have done so with their focus on the single objective. They sacrificed or were willing to sacrifice everything else to achieve that single objective. Think about MLK, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, etc. Most people want to do multiple things in life and hence most people do not make extraordinary and big contributions to the world.


I think questions which begin with why and have to do with personal actions put people on the defensive. For example, why did you xxx? When one meets a new person, one should avoid asking personal-action why questions to put people at ease. The psychological reason may be that people don't like explaining their actions. Now, why is that?:-)

Life of Trees

I find trees to be very inspiring. Trees are always in harmony with nature. While they are alive, they give us oxygen, collectively provide habitat to millions of life forms, produce fruits and vegetables, and so on. When they are dead, we use the wood from the trees or they become Nurse Logs which provide growth support to other plants. Humans should aspire to live a life in harmony with nature just like the trees!