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Monday, September 3, 2007

Well well well

I have not written on my blog for three months. Unbelievable! I don't know why my behavior varies with the environment. At work, I am very self disciplined and at home I am very spontaneous and random.

Let's see how I can summarize the last three months. Undisciplined for sure:-)

I went to following new places:

Santa Fe, NM
Newport Beach, CA
Zagreb, Croatia
Crikvenica, Croatia (took a dip in the Adriatic sea)

Explored new career opportunities in Europe; gave a speech on why and how carriers should adopt 3G at a 3G Americas conference.; Met with George Cowan at the Santa Fe Institute. Visiting Santa Fe Institute and meeting George Cowan is one the major highlights of my adult life so far. This man is remarkable! He led the research at Los Alamos (Manhattan project) and founded SFI and established Complexity as a science.

I am beginning to get bored with the daily routine. However, I still get excited when I read about complexity. Oh yes, I have finished reading Prisoner's dilemma and Complexity-two excellent and classic books.

Not much else new and exciting which bothers me. I will make things more exciting in the coming days and will be more regular on the blog:-)