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Sunday, October 28, 2007


People spend their life in "the grind" or "rat race" and wake up one day and think where did the last 40 years go. One of the most fundamental principles of logistics is that you can not improve what you can not measure. I think this applies to life as well. So, I try to measure my progress every day by answering the following questions in my journal:

1. What did I do today to bring to closer to achieving my yearly objectives?
2. What did I do well today?
3. What could I have done better today?
4. What did I do for others today?
5. What was diamond of the day i.e. what did I enjoy the most today?
6. What did I learn today?
7. What couldn't I answer today?

It is amazing what ten minutes a day of reflection does to your outlook on everything. Try it!

People who taught me the value of measurement and reflection are Dieter Klein (former boss), Walter Zinn (former professor), and Tom Carter (former customer).