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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FUDVLAC principle: Seeing through the hype of new applications

The innovators always face compromises and challenges when developing new applications. I think application development time frame can be shortened if one understands the FUDVLAC principle. Furthermore, one can easily evaluate how successful a new application will be by applying FUDVLAC principle and, hence, reducing one's dependence on what the media says. The 7 elements of the FUDVLAC principle are explained below:

F->Frequency can be any time frame (day, hour, etc.).How often the application is/will be used? The more frequent the use the more accurate and urgent the data (information) that is transferred via the application. For example, traffic updates on GPS/phones are frequent and require accurate and urgent data transfers.

U-> Urgency - real time, batch, or time delayed data affects the data delivery system. How urgent is the use of application and delivery of data? For example,some events like SMS can be time delayed with guaranteed delivery, but E911 is immediate with some type of confirmation.

D-> Distribution - source and destination of the information. What is the flow of data? Can include Intranets, extranets, general public, mobile to mobile, mobile to Internet, etc.

V->Volume - number of transactions per user in a time period. Frequency is how often they access the application, but volume is the expected number of transactions when they access (page views/session, SMS messages per sign on, etc.).

L->Language- interface to the user. How does the user interact with the application? GUI (Graphic User Interface) would the "language" of windows operating system.

A->Accuracy - security and accuracy of the data. Generally provides insight into transaction business rules, edits, etc. used to improve/guarantee the accuracy of the input (E911 is a good example of accuracy requirements).

C->Cost - can include any of the elements supporting the application. How much does it cost to use and maintain the application?

Try it!