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Friday, March 16, 2012


People gossip and chit-chat about useless things and it is considered normal. People do the same thing on Facebook and my intellectual friends find this appalling. Does the medium (Internet, phone, face to face, etc.) decide what is appropriate? The intellectuals also take pride in their non-activity on Facebook. However, they do have Facebook accounts. At cafes, people read newspapers and magazines when they are with their friends/spouses and nobody notices. If people read/interact on their iPads or iPhones when they are with other people at cafes, the intellectuals see this as the society going downhill. Does the medium (paper, touch screen) decide what is appropriate? People do make-up. It is second nature to most people, they don't think about it. However, some intellectuals don't like when other people get plastic surgery done. So, application of a substance is fine if it is on the skin and insertion of a substance/chemical inside the body to look better is frowned upon. Does the medium (inside the body or on the skin) decide what is appropriate?