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Friday, September 11, 2009

Latest Stats from the Wireless World

I attended Mobilize 2009 yesterday. It was an interesting conference and many of the big names in the wireless industry were present.

The main trends highlighted at the conference were:
  1. Mobile broadband and Smart Phones represent a big opportunity
  2. Wireless carriers are updating their networks to handle the mobile data demand which was jump-started with iPhone
  3. More Android phones will be launched in the coming months
  4. The Mobile Application market will continue to grow
  5. Companies are trying to figure out how to make Mobile Advertising work

Following are a few stats which were mentioned during the presentations:
  • There will be 1 Billion mobile broadband subscribers by 2013
  • 100k websites are created every 24 hours
  • There are 5 Billion websites today
  • There are 1.6B Internet users today and 98% primarily access it via the PC
  • There are 1.3B fixed/wireline phone lines in the world
  • 210B emails are sent every 24 hours
  • 1B searches are done on Google every day
  • 1B pictures are added to Facebook every month
  • Collectively people spend 5B minutes on Facebook every day
  • Currently, Facebook has 250M users and 120M visit Facebook every day
  • 65M people who use Facebook mobile spend double the time on the Facebook PC site compared to users who do not use Facebook mobile
  • The biggest cost of Mobile Application Development is QA (Quality Assurance)
  • 4,000 Mobile Applications today use users location information
  • In surveys, 70% of people say that they do not like location based advertisement. However, many respond to the ad when presented with it
  • In the US, within last one year, number of people who access the Internet from their phone has increased 104% to 22M
  • 50% of Mobile data traffic is generated by Social Networking sites
  • 800M people will be on online social networks by 2012
  • ATT has 38 data centers is planning to offer Cloud Computing
  • Mobile data usage has increased 400% in last one year and 50% of the increased usage is coming from video
  • Qualcomm's FloTV will cover 200M PoPs by YE2009.
  • In Japan and Korea, wireless/mobile TV penetration is 40%. The main reason is that the service is free
  • US will have 280M wireless subscribers by YE2009
  • Wireless carriers in the US will generate $160B in service revenue in 2009; of which $45B will be from data i.e. 40% YoY increase
  • US wireless subscribers will use 2.3 Trillion voice minutes in 2009
  • US wireless subscribers will send/receive 1.7 Trillion text messages
Please verify the stats before using them.