My Management Philosophy

As a business manager or business executive, I have been managing teams for over 20 years and have developed a simple management philosophy. I and everyone I work with should have fun, learn, and contribute to the growth of the organization. These three cultural attributes are defined as follows: 

Joy of working (image credit: Canva AI)

Have Fun
  • Enjoy your work
  • Enjoy problem solving together with your teammates
  • Enjoy sharing your knowledge
  • Opportunity to work on things not directly related to the job but still good for the organization
  • Maintain balance


  • Learn what is necessary to do the job better
  • Learn about the topics that interest you
  • Feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Learn how to collaborate better with your teammates
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively

Contribute to the growth of the organization

  • Deliver results based on your goals (that can be changed with new data)
  • Understand how your work is contributing to the growth of the organization
  • Offer new ideas to make things better
  • Help your teammates

One of the executive's jobs is to create a culture where these things become possible and happen continuously. 

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