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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Who is She?

She is subtle and she is overpowering
She smells like a bouquet of flowers and she looks like a prisoner 
She is loved and she is hated 
She has a light body and she weighs heavy 
She is refreshing and she is intoxicating 
She comes from acid and she can calm me 
She is young and she is mature 
She gets me excited with her smell and she makes me creative with her touch
She is often confused and she is always right 
She has a name from a mountain and she is delicate 
She is complex and she is simple 
She has the last position in line and she is at the top
She is sophisticated and she is a villager 
She brings me joy in the summer and she brings me joy in the winter 

Who is she? 

Well, she is a redhead and she is French. She is Brouilly - my favorite wine!